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Meet Sue Gelber

Professional Homeopath

Have you ever used Arnica gel for an injury or given a homeopathically prepared remedy, such as Chamomilla, to relieve an infant's teething pain? Like you, self-help acute home care, i.e., using readily available homeopathic remedies in the health aisle of many stores, is how I learned about homeopathy. Homeopathy is a time-tested healing modality that is comprehensive in its understanding of health and powerful in its depth of cure. Taking the next step, I trained at a three-year homeopathic college in order to offer people classical constitutional homeopathy. We sit together for a couple of hours exploring the current state of your health, as well as lifelong influences that brought you to today. The symptoms that concern you are merely the tip of an iceberg; a homeopath is trained to see and preventively treat (if not reverse) what's under the surface, too.


Why Homeopathy?

It can help with


Unhealthy patterns of digestion and food restrictions reflect a sensitivity to rebalance.


From a diagnosis to just inexplicable exhaustion, homeopathy can help.


Health can change after an event or food. Homeopathy can reach back in time and restore balance.

Women's Health

From onset to menopause, a woman's menstrual cycle reflects a pattern related to the iceberg beneath the surface. Homeopathy is wonderful at restoring hormonal health.

Weight Loss

In treating the whole person, homeopathy optimizes metabolic health.


Homeopathy optimizes mind and body health, when nutrition and exercise aren't enough.


"I have suffered from dizzy spells, tinnitus and severe congestion/allergies for years and years. After working with Sue for several months via the phone, she's been sending me homeopathic remedies in the mail.  I haven't had to take a sinus pill in 6 months, and the next spring I didn't take one allergy pill!  There is something about the homeopathic remedies that brings long lasting healing to body, mind and spirit too."

— Anne Marie Bennett, KaleidoSoul


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